News From Lake Washington! Also: NaNoWriMo!

It's been months of unpacking boxes and re-writing the WIP I've been working on for two years and had to start over after realizing I'd taken it into too many nutty directions. So I've re-grouped, drafted a new outline and am so thrilled for NaNoWriMo. Moving is so lame, it is hard and a giant time suck so NaNo is the perfect way to force myself to let the boxes stay half packed or un-packed or whatever and tell everyone in my house they can do their own dishes for the next month because I AM DRAFTING A NEW NOVEL SO LEAVE ME ALONE. I love it. My Twitter account got screwed up two months ago after it got hacked and I tried to re-set my password. There was some new code verification thing that went nowhere and long story long, I can't get into my stupid account so I've got to start a new one. I bring this up only because I feel like I need to be meeting more writers and both online and in person, as my first book is publishing in less than a year and I love asking for advice and commiserating with other writers and Twitter was a good way of meeting said writers. Getting a new account and trying to follow and get followers back is one more dumb distraction from writing and Twitter pisses me off but rather then spending another two months sending pointless emails to the help center that never get answered, I'll just start a new account. With a name like @jen87463829 because all iterations of Jen are taken. So follow me! I renewed my SCBWI membership and changed my region, which was nuts. I miss San Francisco so much, but Seattle is definitely growing on me.

There are NaNoWriMo meet-ups, and conferences, and school is in session so I've got writing time again. Autumn in Washington is beautiful. Here's hoping it inspires a wildly amazing new draft of my poor forsaken book.

Happy Autumn!