What's The Deal With My Kitchen Sinking My Plots?!?

How many hours do people spend actively writing in one sitting? Typing? I can't go more than four at the most on a regular day, five if I'm desperately revising. I get all bleary-eyed and head achy. Do people sit there for eight hours? Is that even possible? Trying to finish my next book has made me feel so dumb lately. I've got all this crap in there that I love and someone needs to curb this bird's nest of a mess - uh, namely me. I've got the following items crammed in here: Antarctica, ballet, foster care, West Portal (a neighborhood in San Francisco I love) Marine biology and cooking shows. Also baking.

Also, off topic but I wish I had a life and non-litigious family I could write a memoir about because memoir - the non-famous person kind - is my very favorite thing to read. If I use fake names can I get away with it?

Write on, kids!