Signs, Signs Everywhere!

OMG, I am writing in Starbucks, working on my book which is all about a girl growing up in a graveyard and selling graves and two dudes are sitting behind me talking, they're yammering on and on and I'm drowning them out but I just perked up when I heard the older of the two say, "Why is there an embalming charge here, but not here?" Holy crap, the younger guy was selling old guy a coffin and a grave. For his WIFE. Young Guy had to delicately explain why the embalming charge applied only if Old Guy was going to go for an open casket which, really? You need to explain that to a person? Apparently yes, because old guy was all, "Why do I need it for open but not closed?" Oh brother. Poor dude. First of all, what are the odds - my God! - of these guys, of this conversation - happening right beside me as I write my graveyard book? Amazingly slim, I haven't written in this Starbucks in over a year, and only for today, this morning, am I doing it! And B., are people really doing this now? Selling graves and caskets at Starbucks? Yikes. Would have made my life easier, I tell you what.

Oh my God I love writing. It is magical. Magical! Back to it!